Escola Ayni
Espaço externo Ayni

Why do we exist?

Our vision

A society where there is awareness expressed in the form of caring for oneself, children, ancestors, other living beings and the Planet.

Our mission

Through real and disruptive scenarios in the areas of education, economics and agroecology, inspire and encourage a new relationship of human beings with themselves, with their purpose and consequently with their surroundings.

Our Pillars


We invite adults to an inside job. Reflection on life. Reconnecting with your essence. From there, create a new relationship with children. We work on the education of adults, we leave the children alone, to be who they are!


May the current precepts that sustain the economy be increasingly directed towards the greater good. May profits from product and service operations be used to improve the world.
We believe in a conscious economy where female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs put themselves at service with their skills and the driving force of their companies. We believe in purposeful consumption, where consumers are aware of the cycle of products and services they are buying.


A relationship of honor and respect for the land. An invitation to reconnect with the energy of nature and feel how it resonates in human relationships. To honor the earth is to honor the feminine, it is to honor the mother.
Take care of the land and the children of the land. It's our message!

Our goals as an institution are:


Municipal education network in a city in the country adopting practices inspired by Ayni as public education policy.


With the functioning of our hotel and restaurant and shop, we serve as inspiration for new businesses that can serve to sustain purposes for the greater good.


With our cultivation system, inspire producers and consumers to eliminate pesticides from the production system

What do we believe?

We believe that a human being reconnected with his essence, with a sense of privilege for the species to which he belongs and the planet he inhabits, relates more consciously and honorably with children, with their ancestry, with money, with their health and with the Earth.

That our educational practices with families and children are possible in any school, in a process that starts with inspired individuals and that can end up in laws and management policies.

Education begins by working with the adults who surround the children to allow them to be themselves, in environments of safety, trust, presence and prepared with great possibilities for discoveries.

That we can produce abundant food without harming the Earth.

That disruptive scenes that do not follow the millenary status quo of any social base, cause an unconscious movement of consciousness-raising greater than direct messages or speeches.

At Ayni, we believe in being open to an economy based on gifts and donations, in addition to having a structure of products and services that generate resources to maintain the project.

We believe that businesses can exist with a purpose for the world and not exclusively for the financial accumulation of one or more people. For us, the financial sustainability of a project is one of the most important parts of any initiative.

In 2022 we will open the school's Hotel, Restaurant and Coworking. With these businesses, we will be able to increase the number of places offered, as well as provide scholarships and internships to educators from all over the country who want to be with us, learn and then take these practices to their cities.