Escola Ayni
Espaço externo Ayni

Ayni has its educational space for adults and children in a forest located in the city of Guaporé/RS and provided by the city hall for 20 years.

The school is formally registered as an after-school shift, as for us, it is important that families continue in connection with the city's schools. Our job is to do the best focused on educational practices with children and adults, and that these practices can be taken little by little to other schools.

A parameter for everything we do is to have compatibility and feasibility of adopting our practices in any school in the country. Our pedagogy is a way of life. An invitation to the adult to look at their emotional issues. To reconnect with your own inner child, with your truths, your dreams, your longings, your pains and your potentials. From this movement, we understand and believe that there is a lighter, conscious and genuine relationship with children.

We invite the adults to look at you, the children we leave alone.

Adults in a state of presence create spaces of safety and confidence for children.

Ayni has as a source of inspiration different pedagogical initiatives, as well as messages from educators who brought wonderful reflections on our relationship with children. We seek to honor and use these knowledge and pedagogical branches within the needs that arise in our daily lives. We are committed to education, with attention to how we relate to children, and known methodologies are tools that we honor and use without an ideological bias.

We honor and respect the existence of an educational structure, a curriculum, and our message aims to inspire and reference new ways for children to access learning objectives, in a light way, respecting time, the unique development of each being and their genuine interest .

Ayni is a free educational space that does not charge family fees. The requirement for participation is the availability of places, as well as the interest and commitment of families to participate in the school's goals, which start with the quality of interaction and education of their sons and daughters, as well as the support in carrying Ayni's message to outside our walls.

Replicate pedagogical practices at home;

1 hour volunteering per week;

Frequency of 70% of activities in honor of families on the waiting list.

Before a pedagogical method, Ayni is a way of life. A state of being of adults, expressed also in their relationship with children. We share some concepts that are the essence of the school:

Non-direction of activities;

Spaces rich in possibilities of access to knowledge and that respond to the genuine and real interests of children;

Espaço externo Ayni

Spaces with energy of trust, without judgment and with free learning;

Escola Ayni

Focus on learning and not teaching. That is, we assess how the school context is enabling the child to learn within their time, pace and interest.

Some practices in Ayni's daily life that can be taken to all schools in our country:

Classless rooms (portfolios), where children can sit at collective tables, cushions, poufs and in a circular arrangement;

Multigrade physical spaces with children of different ages sharing them;

Elimination of the playground concept; where the organization of time is natural; and self-managed according to the child's needs and interests;

Access to food and the possibility of preparing meals according to the children's needs and observing coexistence arrangements in the spaces.

Freedom to come and go in the spaces of the school, based on combinations of coexistence and security;

Assessments not based on evidence, being replaced by learning evidence.

How do families live Ayni?

Daily life at Ayni

If our message about education made sense to you and resonated in your heart, please contact us!